Safety & Security Window Films
Protection Against Severe Weather & Burglary

What you need to know:

Concord Safety & Security Films were certified by the same test lab as the most well known brands in our industry.  3M, CP/Llumar and Solar-Gard all used the same lab that we did (HTL of Miami Florida) so you can be assured that our films meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards.  You can spend more, but you will not get any more protection for your money than with Concord Safety Film.   Please see our certification - we are very proud of it !!

Safety & Security Films do not prevent glass from breaking.  They are designed to hold the broken glass fragments in place (within the frame) once breakage does occur.  Without the film, razor sharp glass shards and fragments may be disbursed, potentially causing serious injuries.  In addition, safety & security films are designed to act as a  wind and water barrier in the event of glass breakage due to severe weather, such as hurricanes.

Security Against "Smash & Grab" Burglary:  With unprotected glass, once the window has shattered, there is little or no barrier to entry.  With the film in place, intruders are faced with the challenge of penetrating a virtual wall of razor sharp broken glass.  Although penetration is still possible, it would take them a substantially longer period of time and multiple strikes around the entire perimeter of  the glass to penetrate the film.  In most cases, intruders simply move on to a "softer target" where a single blow allows them quick and easy in/out access. 

Protection Against Severe Weather:  Hurricane (or even tropical storm force winds) can pick up unsecured objects and toss them over great distances.  Flying debris is a primary cause of glass breakage during storm season.  Without a protective film in place, airborne objects can strike windows and smash them entirely out of the frame, leaving a large opening for wind and water to penetrate into the interior.  Although the film will not prevent the glass from breaking, it will help to hold the glass within the window frame and act as a temporary wind and water barrier until the storm has passed and the glass can be replaced.  These films are specifically constructed and tested to withstand cyclic wind and pressure loads which occur during the passage of severe storms.

Clear as well as tinted versions:  Concord 4Mil Security Films are available in clear as well as tinted versions (Charcoal 50%, 35%, 20% 05%).  Note that the darker versions (Charcoal 20% and 05%) should not be applied to double pane (thermal insulated) window units.  4Mil Silver films are approved for double pane, however.

While no window film or other product can make a home or building "burglar-proof" or "hurricane-proof", there is a tremendous increase in security and safety associated with having these window films installed, compared to unprotected glass.  Unfortunately, many home and business owners learn about this only after they suffer a loss.  Concord Security Films are an inexpensive insurance policy to mitigate the risk of severe damage.  They are easy to install and meet or exceed all applicable industry standards (see our Certifications).  You can save even more by installing them on your own.  Our Security Film experts can help you every step of the way.

Which Film To Choose  Some basic guidelines:

For general "smash and grab" protection in homes and businesses, Concord suggests the 4Mil film.  4Mil films can stop any low velocity projectile from coming thru the window.  By "low velocity" we mean anything that a person can pick up and throw.  There are no window films that can stop a bullet.  Installing 8 Mil for general security applications is generally not necessary.  8Mil films are also somewhat more difficult to install.

For hurricane and severe weather mitigation away from coastlines, we also suggest the 4 Mil film.  Unless you are located directly along the coast, 4Mil is generally adequate.  For these applications, an anchoring system is worth considering.  You can read more about anchoring systems a little further down on this page.

For severe weather protection and high risk security applications (bomb blast mitigation), consider Concord 8 Mil Security Film.  8Mil films have been tested to withstand cyclic pressure loads which can occur during severe storms or explosions.  For this type of application, you can also consider an anchoring system which will attach the film to the window frame itself.  8Mil films are twice as thick as the 4Mil versions.  As such, we suggest a special type of squeegee should be used for them (see the GT064). 

Available in Clear as well as Silver:  Concord 8Mil security film is available in clear as well as Silver 15% which provides solar control as well as security.

Anchoring Systems are used to attach the film (and the glass) to the window frame.  The advantage of doing this is to help prevent the entire window and film from being blown out of the frame in the event of a severe load.  Keep in mind that depending upon how well the frame is anchored to the structure, the entire glass/film/frame could still give way.  This is the reason why window film (on it's own) is not certified or considered "hurricane proof".  The window film is just one component in a "system" which includes the film, the glass, the window frame and the structures holding the frame in place. 

Although the vast majority of security film applications are not anchored, if you decide you do want to use an anchoring system, Concord suggests the BondKap system which is available at  Their system is very easy for most laypersons to install.  The anchoring system involves applying a bead of Dow Corning 995 caulk and then covering it with a piece of the BondKap material.  Again, most security applications are anchored and you can consider doing that after your film is installed and cured. We suggest waiting at least 2-3 weeks before anchoring your film to make sure that it is drying properly.

The key to a good security film application involves a proper squeegee technique.  The objective is to evacuate as much water as possible during the application.  Because these films are so much thicker than traditional solar control only films, any water left behind can remain for a very long time.  If excessive amounts of water are left behind, it will appear cloudy due to condensation.  Dry out time is entirely dependant upon how much water is left behind.  Using the proper squeegee (see the GT064) and following the directions included with the film will ensure that your application goes smoothly.  To see a copy of these directions, click here.

 Download Our Complete Specification Tables
Concord Security Films Meet or Exceed All Applicable Industry Standards

Concord Security Film Certifications:

View Detailed Specifications & Certification Info
For Concord Clear 8 Mil Clear Security Film

TAS 203-94 (Florida Building Code) 
TAS 201-94 (Miami Dade County Small Missile Impact Test)
ASTM E 1886-02/ASTM E 1996-03


Purchase Concord Security Films:

Clear & Tinted Versions Available

As an added benefit, all Concord Security Films
Block 98% of the Ultra Violet (UV) light to help
reduce the fading of fabrics and furnishings.

Concord 4 Mil 4 Mil Clear
4 Mil Charcoal 50% (Light)
4 Mil Charcoal 35% (Medium)
4 Mil Charcoal 20% (Dark)**
4 Mil Charcoal 05% (Very Dark)
4 Mil Silver 35%
4 Mil Silver 20%

**   20% & 5% Charcoal are not approved for
Double Pane Windows
Concord 8 Mil 8 Mil Clear 
8 Mil Silver 20%
Suggested Squeegee: See GT064
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Special  Instructions How To Squeegee Security Films
Application Solution Concord will provide you with a
special application solution free
of charge when you purchase Security Film.
Anchoring Systems If you are considering an anchoring system, Concord recommends BondKap.  Be sure that your film is completely dry and fully cured before installing any anchoring system.

Bondkap is available directly from FilmFastener and our customers report that their system is simple and easy to use.