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Are these quality films?
How does Concord compare to other brands?
Is buying from Concord safe & secure?
How hard is it to install window film?
Are the films removable & reusable?
Does Concord offer a warranty?
How Can I Obtain A Set Of Solar Performance Data Tables?
How can I order samples?
How long will it take for my film to arrive?
Do I install the film on the inside or the outside of the glass?
Can I install film on Plexiglas, lexan or plastic?

Why doesn't Concord offer "pre-cut" kits for flat glass windows?
Can Concord Security Film stop a bullet?
What tools do I need to install window film?
How do I clean the film after installation?

How do I know which film to select?

Can I install the film on double pane windows?
Can I install the film on glass blocks or textured (unsmooth) glass?
Do the films block our sound (sound attenuation)?

Are the films scratch resistant?

How do I order Concord film?

Does Concord Ship to Canada?

Are these quality films?

Yes.  These films are produced by some of the largest and most well known manufacturers in the solar control industry and are provided to Concord under a confidential private label agreement.  These are the same films they sell under their own well known brand names.  They are produced with the same raw materials, dyes, adhesives, stabilizers, metals, ceramic coatings and laminates found in the best films in our industry.  Our products come from ISO 9001 registered sources in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Since 1982, our one and only business has been the distribution of solar control window films.  Concord is the consumer direct division of the largest private label window film distribution company in the USA.  We are a team of IWFA Accredited Solar Control Specialists and are familiar with every aspect of window film construction, application and performance.

We are proud members in good standing with the Connecticut Better Business Bureau.  We have the experience, skills, equipment and expertise necessary to select films with the highest quality and durability.  No other window film distributor in the world subjects films to such rigorous testing and examination before including them in their catalogs.

In short - when you buy film from Concord, you are assured you are purchasing quality products.

How does Concord compare to other brands?

There is no shortage of excellent quality window film on the market today.   Advances in technology have helped all the major manufacturers, many of whom share the same raw material sources and suppliers.  You can buy a quality roll of film from a long list of reputable companies, including Concord. 

Major window film manufacturers spend millions of dollars on marketing each year in an effort to convince customers that their brand is unique, different and superior.  Our films are comparable in construction, durability, performance and optical clarity to the best brands available.

When selecting a window film supplier, our advice is to seek out an experienced and reputable firm to do business with.  Our company has been in this industry since 1982and we are members of the Connecticut Better Business Bureau.  If you are not 100% delighted with your purchase, you can return it for an immediate and hassle free refund.  Our reputation and good standing means more to us than any single sale.  We are 100% customer service oriented.  Our technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help you achieve your objective.

Be wary of films being offered at rock-bottom, below market pricing, as this can be a "red flag".  If a technician you are speaking with is not informative and helpful, ask for another technician or find another supplier.

Is buying from Concord safe & secure?

For the sake of safety, security and peace of mind, our shopping carts are hosted by  Click on the logo at the top right of this page to view our Certificate.

If you prefer to call your order in, you may also call our order desk (203)798-0343 from Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00PM Pacific Time.

How hard is it to install window film?

Installing window film is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects there is.  All of our films are self adhesive and are applied with a simple mixture of water and baby shampoo (one teaspoon to a quart of water).  There is no sticky residue, no messy clean-up and no extraordinary skill involved. 

This is the basic process:

  • Clean the inside surface of the window (films are always applied on the inside)
  • Remove the protective liner from the film (exposing the adhesive)
  • Spray the film and the window with the soap/water mixture
  • Squeegee out the water and trim the edges.

For complete instructions, please visit our installation instructions page.

Are the films removable?

Yes.  All of the films are removable, but only the static cling films are reusable once they have been taken off.  This is because the static cling films are not adhesive backed.  They are held in place by static cling. 
Static cling films are used for summer / winter applications.  They are vinyl based products as opposed to our traditional polyester adhesive films.

Does Concord offer a warranty?

Yes.  We have a total satisfaction warranty program and a "customer is always right" attitude.  Please visit our customer guarantee page to learn more.

How Can I Obtain A Complete Set Of Solar Performance Data>

Download our complete Solar Performance Data Tables

How can I order samples?

Please visit our sample order page.

How long will it take for my film to arrive?

We are very fast.  All orders ship within 1-2 business days.  Our cutoff time is approximately 2PM Eastern Time.  In order to expedite your order, we have warehouses on the east as well as the west coast. 

UPS is our preferred carrier.  Although we also offer USPS (Postal Service) we do not recommend this due to the lack of a day-definite service commitment and inadequate or non-existent tracking capabilities  Most customers select UPS Ground Service, however we also offer UPS 2nd Day and Next Day Air Service.

Please visit our time in transit page.

Do I install the film on the inside or the outside of the glass?

Always on the inside.  The film will stick to the outside, but it will greatly reduce the life of the film.  This is due to the fact that the UV stabilizers are incorporated within the film's mounting adhesive, so the adhesive side must be facing the sun (installed on the inside, facing out).

Can I install film on Plexiglas, lexan or plastic?

No.  Films must be installed on glass only, or surface damage may result.  If you install the film on any type of plastic (such as Lexan or Plexiglas) bubbles will form underneath the film. 

Why doesn't Concord offer "pre-cut" kits for commercial and residential windows?

We do not want our customers to ever be unhappy or disappointed. Minor imperfections in windows, measuring methods and/or automated cutting systems can lead to daylight gaps (film too small) or the need to trim anyway (film too big).

The only way to ensure a perfect fit is to do the final trim on the actual window. This is why the professionals do not use pre-cuts. Merchants that sell pre-cuts often charge 3-4 times the price Concord charges per square foot, driving up the overall cost of the application and turning any perceived saving into a net loss.

Even the professionals make an occasional  mistake when installing film. Having some extra film on hand makes this a non-issue. If you make a mistake with a pre-cut kit, you have to reorder, wait and pay for replacement film. It is also a good idea to keep some leftover film on hand after the application, in case a piece of film gets damaged in the future.

If you would like Concord to custom slit a roll for you, we will provide this service at no extra charge. For example, if your windows are 46" wide and you order a 60" roll, we will slit the entire roll into two sections for you (one 48" and one 12") for easier handling. Simply enter your special request in the comments field during checkout. Always allow an extra inch or two for a safety margin.

Note:  Custom cuts rolls are final sale (not returnable).

Can Concord Security Film stop a bullet?

Absolutely not.

Check the disclaimer and fine print associated with any such claims made by our competitors.  Bullet resistant specifications always refer to 1/2" thick glass.  Do you have 1/2" thick glass?  Probably not.  You should also read the disclaimer:  One example is posted at:

What tools do I need to install the film?

Basically, you will need tools to clean the glass, cut the film, squeegee the film and spray the soap and water solution.  We offer basic and deluxe tool packages for both automotive and commercial / residential

How do I clean the film after installation:

Common window washing solutions may be used to clean the films, along with a soft cotton rag such as an old T-shirt.  Avoid any abrasive cleansers or towels.  We suggest using the same water & baby shampoo mixture that you used to install the film (one teaspoon of shampoo to a quart of water).  The films are as durable as the paint on a car.

How do I know which film to select?

For help in selecting a film for a home or commercial location:

For help in selecting an automotive film, please visit our auto film selection page.

Can I install the film on double pane windows?

Yes.  As long as you follow established industry guidelines, you can safely install approved window film on double pane (thermal insulated) windows which are 40 square feet or less in size.   Our website pages offer guidance as to which films are safe for double pane and which are not.

The concern is that you can overheat any thermal (double pane) units that are exposed to the sun should you select a film that is not compatible with double pane glass.  Excessive heat can lead to rupture of the seals (the units will fog up) or the glass could actually crack due to high thermal loads.

This situation is well known to the entire solar film industry and Concord suggests that all customers follow the established industry guidelines.

Please note that thermal shock and seal failure can and does occur even on windows where no window film
has been applied.  Less than 0.1% of all windows in have window film applied to them, yet windows can and do break every single day.  This means that 99.9% of all windows that break do not have window film on them.  Because of this, Concord does not offer a thermal shock or seal failure warranty.  If your
application requires this type of guarantee, you will have to consult a professional installer.  Be sure to inquire about any exclusions, limitations and deductibles that might apply.  You should also make sure that the particular film you and your professional installer agree upon is covered under the glass warranty program.  Contact the manufacturer of the film directly if necessary to verify coverage.

Can I install the film on glass blocks or textured (unsmooth) glass?

NO.  Concord films will only adhere to smooth glass surfaces.  The films will not adhere properly to glass blocks, textured, sandblasted or other types of non-smooth surfaces.

Do The Films Block Out Sound (Sound Attenuation)?

Not very well.  The sound attenuation properties of the film are practically insignificant.  It certainly would not justify the cost if they are to be used for this purpose.  We do not have any actual data.

Are the films scratch resistant?

Yes.  This is not even a option.  Window films without a scratch resistant hard coat have little value.

How can I order the film?

We accept orders directly on our web site which is hosted on a secure server.  You may also phone in your order to our order desk at (203)798-0343.  Our order desk is located in our Anaheim, CA office.  The hours are 9:00AM to 4:00PM Pacific Time.

Does Concord Ship to Canada?

Yes!  Simply place the items you are interested in into your shopping cart.  Our system will calculate the freight charges before you place the order!  We ship via UPS Guaranteed Ground Service.


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