Our reputation means more to us than any single sale.  If you are not completely delighted with your purchase, our return policy is fast and hassle free.

Simply return the unused portion to us within 30 days.  We will issue you a full refund of your purchase price, prorated for the square footage returned.    For example, if you purchase 100 square feet and return 90, we will issue you a 90% refund.

All returns should be sent to:

Concord Window Films
22 Shelter Rock Lane #106
Danbury, CT 06810

Please send us a copy of your invoice along with a Concord Return Form

Go To: Concord Return Form Page


  • Materials in customer's possession for more than 30 days are not returnable for any reason.
  • Custom slit rolls are Final Sale - not returnable.
  • Specials & closeouts are Final Sale - not returnable.

Fast Processing:

  • All returns are processed within 2-3 business days of our receipt of the returned materials

Important information about glass breakage and damage to glazing systems:

No other warranties are expressed or implied.  The application of solar control films will result in additional heat loads being placed on glazing systems.  Customers who require a comprehensive warranty which includes thermal glass breakage insurance coverage should contact a professional solar film installer, rather than installing their own films.  Concord assumes no liability for glass breakage which may result from the application of solar films.  Guidelines on which films are compatible with which types of glass can be found in the Product Table of our Architectural Window Film Selector Page.

Concord Product Warranty

We stand behind the quality and durability of our films with a hassle free and comprehensive warranty.

All Concord Films are warranted for the specified period of time against all of the following:  Cracking, crazing, delaminating, demetalizing and peeling during the term of the warranty coverage.  In addition, certain Concord Films are also covered against fading and change of color, as indicated.

What is not covered:  Any installation related problems, due in whole or in part to contamination, moisture left behind after application, improper trimming and/or measuring.

Concord's warranty is limited to replacement of the material returned to Concord under the terms of the warranty.  Please send all removed and unused film to Concord at the address specified above along with a description of the problem.  Concord will replace the returned film with new film once it has been received by Concord and quantified.

For questions regarding our warranty and return policy, please contact us via email or call (888)419-1402

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