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GT030 Motus D Grip Handle
GT132 Hook Tool
GT191 The Edge Tool
Used to pull back gaskets.
GT190 5-Way Trim Guide
GT130 Gasket Wizard

This device is used to carefully pull back gaskets for easy film-to-glass installations below the gasket. Rub rails are located at the base of all automotive door window glass and are used for weatherproofing the openings between
the glass and the door structure. Many installers find the Gasket Wizard helpful, even without the use of the bungee cords.

In addition to a trim guide, the GT190 5-Way
Tool is also an effective squeegee, especially
when wrapped with a paper towel or cloth to
absorb moisture along the border of the film.

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GT921 Jiffy Steamer Film Remover
The Jiffy Steamer is a commercial steamer, impact resistant,
1300 watt heating element, heats up in 2
minutes with 2 hours of steaming per filling. Great for
removing film and adhesive off back windows.
GT979 Kevlar Heat Gloves (Pair)
GT194 Gasket Push Stick
GT176 Waist Apron
GT251 Wagner HT3500 Digital Heat Gun
This model allows you to heat shrink in low or high fan
speeds and has a variable temperature setting to fine tune
the amount of heat needed for a specific application.
GT250 Heat Gun


The GT921 Jiffy Steamer will help prevent damaging
defroster lines when removing film from
rear windows. Besides making life easier, the
GT921 will pay for itself in just a few jobs when
you consider the considerable time savings.