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Sprayers & Cleaning Supplies


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GT090 Spraymaster Trigger Sprayer
An overall heavy duty one quart sprayer, this spray bottle
comes with a 5 year warranty and is chemically resistant.
It is equipped with a strong trigger and holds 32 oz.
GT097 32oz. Bottle
GT098 Adjustable Spray Pump
GT096 Polyspray 2

This pressurized spray bottle holds more solution than the
32 oz. bottles and reduces "finger-fatigue," eliminating the
need for pumping while spraying via a simple trigger.
Handy for large windows and long-duration sprays. Has
an adjustable spray nozzle.
GT101N Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Sprayer
Deluxe pressure sprayer holds up to 5 gallons of
mounting solution in a stainless steel tank. Hose can reach up
to 15’ in length. Fill with solution and pressurize with air from
any compressor. Curly, flexible hose reaches into cars or
stretches to go up a ladder with you.
GT101-HG 25’
Replacement hoze and spray gun for GT101N.
GT101-H Replacement spray gun for GT101N.

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GT094 Replacement Nozzle
for 3 Gallon Sprayer
GT102P Replacement Pump
for 3 Gallon Sprayer
GT102 3 Gallon Pressure Sprayer
Stores either window cleaner or application solution. Essential for those big commercial jobs. Long 13' hose allows great mobility and large capacity gives uninterrupted and fatigue-free installation. Utilizes a GT094 Nozzle that features a brass fan type spray tip.
GT989 7 Gallon Twin Sprayer
Perfect for shops or large commercial jobs, this 7 gallon sprayer includes a cart and two 25’ coiled hoses with guns. No more need for an air compressor or constantly pumping tanks. Use only with GFCI protected circuits.


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GT070 Low Lint Wipes
Great for cleaning windows prior to installation.  Low lint or wipes are a necessity for quality window film installations. Absorbent wipes are ideal for cleaning windows and covering hard cards.
GT071 Virtually “Lint Free” Reusable Wipes
GT072 Wipe Dispenser

For use with GT070
GT085 White Scrub Pad (1)

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GT160 19 oz Film Guard
GT164 Sprayway Adhesive Remover
GT715 Sprayway Glass Cleaner
GT716 Plexus Plastic Polish

Anti-static plastic polish - safe for all window films. Leaves
behind a protective sheen on any plastic surface.
GT733 Dirt-Off
1 quart concentrate cleaning solution
GT714 X-100 Mounting Solution
Not to be used with bronze flat glass films.
GT162P Pink Adhesive Remover
GT735 Film-On

1 quart concentrate mounting solution

** Be careful when using GT164 and GT162P,
they contain chemicals that may
damage car interiors.

After installing film, be sure to clean and polish it
with GT160 Film Guard. It is specifically designed for
 window films and is a great add-on.