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Cutting Knives & Blades

Note: All Knives are packaged with Carbon Blades except for
the GT126 and GT226, which include a stainless blade.

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GT227 Olfa XA-1 Ergonomic Knife
This ergonomically correct knife features a comfortable rubber
grip for better control and less fatigue.
GT027 NT Pro A-1 "Red Dot" Knife
Regarded by many installers as the finest professional knife
available. The blade can be advanced in 1/2 segment increments
for precision control. Right or left hand use.
GT127 Olfa "A" Knife
Used for film pattern cutting and trimming. Features a molded
plastic handle for maximum control and comfort. Right or left
hand use.
GT126 Olfa "Silver" Stainless Steel Knife
The original Olfa stainless steel.
GT226 Olfa "Silver" 2 Auto-Lock Knife
Significantly improved over the original "Olfa Silver." Features
right or left-handed use, blade position auto-lock, and one-segment click-action.
GT026 NT Injector Cartridge Knife
Used for film pattern-cutting and trimming. Holds five blades for
automatic blade replacement capabilities.
GT124 Plastic Utility Knife
Used for film pattern cutting and trimming.
GT114 Olfa Pro-Load
Holds up to five blades at a time giving you 65 new cutting segments per load.


It all depends on the glass, edge of the blade and the angle
of the cut. No matter what knife or blade you use, be sure to
use a SHARP blade every time!


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GT264 KDS L-22 Gripfit Autolock
Heavy-duty knife with comfortable grip and breakaway points for use with security films 7 mil or greater.
GT944 Automotive Glass Edge Trimmer
GT111 Auto Lock 8pt. Knife
Heavy-duty knife with breakaway points for use with security films 7mil or greater.
GT128 Ceramic Safety Film Cutter
Designed to deliver rapid, precise cuts for thick gauge safety films. It is intended for precision pre-cutting on flat, square-edged tables.
GT135 BLADEater
Designed for professional installers, the BLADEater holds your knife safely and securely, yet easy to access and you can snap blades at all times.
GT134 BLADEater Replacement Well