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Special Squeegees


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GT040 Slim Foot
Modeled after the Big Foot Squeegee, the slim foot has a
slender design that can reach into tighter openings. The
no rib squeegee helps reach behind break lights and has
a vinyl grip for secure handling.
GT043 Big Foot
Designed to reach curved back glass windows. This 6"
squeegee with a 12" handle allows the installer to apply
the necessary pressure in those tight rear window areas.
This is a must for every installer’s tool box.
GT044BLU Little Foot Blue
GT044RED Little Foot Red
GT044BLK Little Foot Black

This squeegee measures about 6" (15 cm) along the
usable edge. The pointed edge of this tool allows the
installer to squeegee in very tight areas. The Little Foot
has plenty of room to keep a good grip on the squeegee.
GT033 Red Devil Squeegee
Flexible squeegee that is great for tight corners and
maneuvering around gaskets.
GT091 Slammer
Used for cleaning corners and along gaskets,
wicking water out along borders and easily reaches rear
windows and sharp angled corners.
GT092 Shuttle
A hard card with the ability to reach into tight areas located
at the bottom edge of rear window glass.


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GT148 Block Squeegee, Plain 6”
GT149 Block Squeegee, Plain 12”
GT202 The Conqueror
GT202B Blue Conqueror

Same as the original Conqueror GT202 with a slightly
harder durometer for more squeegeeing power.
GT254 Power Stroke Blue
GT255 Power Stroke Red
GT256 Power Stroke Yellow

Blue has a durometer for the ultimate in
moisture removal, especially for sputtered films. Red is
great for final pass on metal films. Yellow works well with
dyed films and first pass on metal films.
GT208 Side Swiper without blade
GT207 Side Swiper

uses Gt118-6 as a replacement blade



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GT032G Tail Fin Green (Soft)
GT032Y Tail Fin Yellow (Firm)

Great for getting behind brake lights and back window
GT067 Clear Super Squeegee, Small 3”
GT066 Clear Super Squeegee, Large 6”
GT034 Whale Tail

Great for getting behind brake lights and back window
GT035 Whale Tail Replacement Blade
(not pictured)
GT036 Whale Tail Replacement Handle
GT038 Clear Super Squeegee, Extra Large 12”

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GT113 Green Green Diamond Tip
GT113 Red Red Diamond Tip
GT113 White White Diamond Tip
GT113 Yellow Yellow Diamond Tip

These 5” cards have angled corners that allow installers
to reach into tight corners making it a great tool for automotive and flat glass applications.
GT201Y Yellow Contour (Firm)
GT201G Green Contour (Soft)
GT200 GLD EZ Reach Gold
GT200 PLT EZ Reach Platinum
GT151Y Yellow Quick Foot
GT151B Blue Quick Foot
GT151W White Quick Foot

Great automotive tools for those hard to reach places.