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Hard Cards


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GT086BLU Teflon Blue Squeegee
GT086 Teflon Edge Squeegee
GT086BLK Teflon Black Squeegee
GT086PNK Teflon Pink Squeegee
GT086GLD Teflon Gold Squeegee
GT086PLT Teflon Platinum Squeegee
GT086-6Y 6” Teflon Yellow Squeegee
GT086-6W 6” Teflon White Squeegee
GT086-6B 6” Teflon Black Squeegee


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GT068 Hard Card Sharpener
GT087 Yellow PVC Squeegee
GT079 4” 3M Gold Squeegee
GT087Gray Gray PVC Squeegee
GT099 Universal Squeegee
GT080 4” 3M Blue Squeegee
GT088 Bondo Squeegee
GT083 Lil’ Chizler