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GT174 Pocket Detective Meter

Measures visible light transmission and visible
light reflectivity on fixed windows.
GT175 Pocket Detective 2.1 Base
Used to measure visual light transmission on roll down
GT992 LaserLabs M100 one piece meter
Used to measure visual light transmission on roll down
GT993 LaserLabs M200 two piece meter
Measures Visible Light Transmission on fixed windows.



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GT978 Laser Thermometer

Reads temperatures of solid surfaces, best when used
within three feet of surface. Demonstrate difference once
window film is applied to glass with new reading of solid
surface. Not to be used on glass.
GT963 U.V. Light Source Lamp
Excellent tool to demonstrate, measure or show how
much U.V. window films keep out.
GT972 Digital Tape Measure
This compact meter uses a narrow beam to measure distances
instantly, even through door openings and in
crowded rooms.
GT962 Heat Lamp Unit
Great tool for tabletop presentations.

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GT960 Low-E Coating Detector

Detects the presence and location of thermal resistant coatings (LOW-E) used on energy efficient single and dual pane glass. Never requires calibration. Powered by a 9-Volt alkaline battery (included)
GT961 Insulated Glass Thickness & Gap Gauge
Used to measure glass and air space thickness in sealed insulating glass units. Laser reflections off the surfaces of glass appear on the graduated scale of the gauge allowing you to easily determine the thickness of the glass, plus the air space separating the pieces of glass in a sealed IG
assembly. Powered by two standard AAAalkaline batteries. (included)
GT969 Toughened Glass Indicator
Used to determine which, if any, panes in a window unit are
heat-treated. Knowing this allows use of films that would otherwise be inappropriate on regular annealed glass. Full set of user instructions and leather case included.
GT975 Strengthened Glass Detector
Allows users to confirm if glass has been strengthened. The detector can test single panes of glass or multiple panes in a window at a single time, and from a single side. As a bonus, the SG2700 detector can even identify the thickness of the first piece of glass in the window.
GT966 V.L.T. and Power Meter
The GT966 shows the performance of your film and proves to your customer that your product reduces fading by controlling visible light. It calculates visible light transmission percentages, power readings (W/m2), measures visible light spectrum (400-700 NM),
and includes a digital thermometer in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Powered by a 9-volt battery (included)


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Position the meter facing the UV source, such as sunlight
or a heat lamp (GT962), and turn the meter on. Place
various materials between the meter and the UV source
and the resulting UV Transmission percentage will be displayed.
GT964 U.V. Meter with temperature
This meter gives UV transmission percentages, UV power, and
temperature. The GT964 is the most versatile product available
for measuring UV. You can measure UV intensities (irradiance),
UV Transmission %, and temperature in Fahrenheit and
Celsius. Unlike other UV products on the market, the GT964
is extremely simple to operate. The digital display is continually
updated with real-time readings. The GT964 is powered
by a 9 volt battery (included).
GT967 Digital BTU Meter
This wide spectrum digital meter measures solar radiant
energy intensity directly transmitted through glass (or the
film-glass combination) in units of BTUs per square foot
per hour or watts per square foot. Effective tool showing
the relative effectiveness of various films in blocking solar
radiant heat. Especially useful for showing how a very
dark dyed film may allow far more energy to pass through
than a much lighter metallic film.
GT968 Digital BTU & Trans-Meter
Use this meter to evaluate solar performance. It provides excellent
resolution, reading low light conditions more accurately than
competitors, with no need for adjustments. The easy to read
digital display toggles between power and transmission percentage mode. It's small, portable, and convenient to take out in the field.
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GT974 Professional Meter Sales Kit

Our UV & Solar Sales Presentation Kits offer a single source for convenient and convincing sales demonstrations. The kits include locations for window samples, digital meters, lamps, product literature & more. Show your customer performance numbers they understand, by using our simple Solar Transmission GT968 and UV Transmission GT973 Meters. This demonstration WILL SELL your customers because it operates in terms they can understand. Use modern-day technology instead of meaningless spinning radiometer bulbs and old-fashioned analog BTU meters.
A popular addition to the kit is the GT978 Laser Thermometer. Kit Includes:
GT968 Digital BTU & Trans-Meter
GT962 Heat Lamp Unit
GT973 UV Meter
Optional GT978 Laser Thermometer
GT974-SOFT Professional Meter Sales Kit
With Soft-Sided Case
Kit Includes:
GT968 Digital BTU & Trans-Meter
GT962 Heat Lamp Unit
GT973 UV Meter
Optional GT978 Laser Thermometer
Note: Glass samples not included

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GT982 Spectrum Detective Meter

Effortlessly demonstrate three performance characteristics at
a time: UV, Visible, and Infrared transmission values.
The Spectrum Detective shows your customer performance
numbers they can understand and proves to them that your
"high performance" window films are worth their investment.
Simply slide the glass sample into the opening and see the
resulting values displayed. No additional light sources are
needed. Everything is self-contained in a single convenient
Note: Glass samples not included

The GT982 Spectrum Detective is ideal for in home demonstrations to illustrate the effectiveness of window film to
reduce fading. It will show the reduction of the top three factors
that cause fading: Ultraviolet Light, Visible Light and Heat.